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“Emily-Anne Buck brings a fresh voice and relevant message to audiences. Her compelling personal story connects and leaves a lasting impression. We were grateful to have Emily-Anne speak with our high school students, and the feedback was tremendous. If you’re in need of a timely word, Emily-Anne is your answer. I offer my strong recommendation.”

Tim Holland
Upper School Principal
Grace Christian Academy

I have had the pleasure of training alongside Emily-Anne for 8 years now. I highly recommend you hear her story.
Emily-Anne has spoken about her situation to a variety of groups from police academy recruits to high school students. Emily-Anne opens up and shares from her heart.
Every time we train at a school, students invariably seek Emily-Anne out and share their stories with her. She is so compassionate and reassuring to the students. She really connects with the students. Listening to Emily-Anne, people will gain the knowledge of how to avoid unhealthy relationships.

David G. Kitts
Special Crimes Unit
Knoxville Police Department

  Emily-Anne totally captivated an audience filled with seniors in our high school. Her direct, no-holds-barred message describing what happened in her life is as riveting as it is educational: bad stuff happens to good people. Rarely, if ever, can the vast majority of us wrap our heads around how intelligent youth can be drawn into unhealthy relationships and not figure out how to search for keys that will help them escape. Hearing it from someone who was caught in that trap is powerful.

John Tatgenhorst
Webb School counselor


Emily-Anne has a great hope that her voice, her story, will educate teens and youth on the warning signs of abuse. Her heart is burdened by the victims out there that have yet to find victory in their own lives and knows that her experiences as a teen will help others find their voice....their healing...their victory.
Where I've Spoken
  • Local Public Schools
  • Private Schools
  • Private Christian Schools
  • Church Youth Groups
  • Local Police Department recruits during Academy Training
  • Acute & Emergency Care Pediatrics Conference
  • Covenant Health Nurse Residency Program Seminar
Domestic Violence Wheel
Do you recognize any of the warning signs in your own relationship?
Topics Discussed and My Objectives
  • Educate on local and national statistics of domestic violence
  • Highlight abusive warning signs in domestic violence and dating relationships
  • What is abuse: emotional, psychological, sexual, financial, physical
  • Shine a light on how to reach out, get help, find victory, and overcome
  • Give the audience an understanding of a destructive domestic relationship through my personal relationship
  • Goal is to create an authentic experience with the listeners to inform themselves of domestic violence through their culture and activate action in the community

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I am so humbled to be the person that has been chosen to be a speaker on this important platform. If you have interest in booking Emily-Anne Buck at your school, church, or youth event please complete the form below.