Meet Emily-Anne

I choose to live a life without regret and I am thankful for my scars. My hope for you is today and tomorrow and always, you will find how to build your story from your scars.

Emily-Anne Buck

Teen Dating and

Domestic Violence


​A graduate of East Tennessee State University, Emily-Anne Buck holds a Criminal Justice Degree, where she worked for the sheriff's office, in the county jail as a Pre-Trial Officer, for 11 years.


Eventually, her heart started to want something more. In September 2017, she felt led to leave her job and be a stay-at-home mom while pursuing her speaking career on teen dating violence.


Back in 2010, she was asked to partner with the local Special Crimes Unit at the police department on speaking to youth in high schools and youth groups about dating and domestic violence.


This was where she found her own voice with her own story to share.


Once a story that was shunned, forgotten, even officially under a gag threat by the court of law, she was able to unlock the stories that had been stowed away for so long. Bit by bit, the unraveling of a previous teen girl's life, brought restoration and healing to herself...and others.